In a galaxy far away...
There is a beautiful planet called Babooch.
This is where the Baboochies lived and played and were very happy because they took good care of their planet.

Because Baboochies are nice,
They tried to share their planet with the evil Zorchtans, who’s planet was dying. Unfortunately, the Zorchtans did not like that the Baboochies were so cheerful. So they came up with a plan...

They did not want to share!
The Zorchtans wanted the planet all to themselves, and the Baboochies were scared. They don’t like to fight, and they are much smaller than the Zorchtans.

Time to escape!
Baboochies escaped from the Zorchtans, and traveled far and wide across the universe to find a new home. All they want is somewhere they can play and be happy.

What about this one?
One day they found a nice planet that they had never seen before. The Zorchtans can't live there, but the Baboochies can! But they need someone to adopt them so they can stay...

Baboochies love to play,
Luckily, the smaller Earth people like to play too. And they take good care of their toys! Any Baboochi would love to be adopted by them!


Some Baboochies have already arrived and more are on their way. They are waiting at toy stores all over the world for children to find and adopt them so they can play and be safe from the Zorchtans forever!